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IWF Weightlifting Training Bar 20 kg, men

IWF Weightlifting Training Bar 20 kg, men

SKU: 3002551

Certified by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) this bar is designed specifically for training for competitive Olympic weightlifting and used by professional lifters in training halls and facilities around the world. The training bar delivers the feel and performance of our competition bar but with less sharp knurling making the bar appropriate for a higher volume of lifting. Crafted in Sweden, the bar’s high performance is the result of precision needle bearings that disperse the load evenly through the shaft to deliver uniform rotation at all loads. Proprietary steel and chrome coating provides the optimal balance between strength and elasticity to deliver the ultimate lifting experience.

  • Specs

    Weight 20kg
    Length 86.61in
    Diameter 28mm
    Knurling 1.2 Balanced
    Finish Chrome
    Sleeve 415mm
    Bearings Needle
    Max 1500kg
    Warranty 12yrs




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