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Your "Friend in the Business" for Everything Fitness

In every type of facility, there is our client's vision for success.  That may be increased revenue, healthy employees, a winning program, happy guests, or saving lives.  Our vision is to make your faclity and you a success by following our strategy.


We take into account every detail of your vision, your client's needs, and our knowledge of the industry to maximize your budget in all areas for you to achieve what YOU define as success.


  • Cost

    • Initial cost is important, but we factor cost of ownership as well to help you select products and services.

    • Our interest in YOU first puts us in a position to recommend ways to maximixe your budget and spend on things that move you closer to your goal.

    • We're a small company and plan to stay that way as part of our vision to deliver the highest quality products without you paying for our advertising, vehicle, building, and employee budgets

  • Longevity

    • Representing only the highest quality products with the best warranties, we start with long lasting products.

    • Our preventative maintenance and automated service programs limit and even prevent your downtime.  You'll also enjoy discounts on parts and labor on any of our service programs to keep you from buying our gas and paying for diagnostics.

  • Differentiation

    • This is our key ingredient and it should be yours too.  We don't sell the same old gray equipment that every gym on every block has.  When your clients come to see you for the first time, they're going to know right away that your facility stands out.  The look and feel of properly engineered and built fitness equipment from the best manufacturers in the world doens't go unnoticed.

    • Whether you're new to the industry or a veteran, there's no doubt you've experienced the growth and that means competition.  Setting yourself apart is the only security unless you plan on fighting to be the lowest price.  And we all know where that road leads.

"If gyms were restaurants, the equipment would be the food.  I mean, you may like the ambiance of a restaurant and they may have great service, but if the food stinks...guess what?  People are leaving home and work to come to you for one thing...your equipment."  Let's choose wisely.

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