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Curl Bar 50 mm, 12 kg

Curl Bar 50 mm, 12 kg

SKU: 3061174

While we champion functional training, we know muscle isolation and targeted training has an important role in a training program as well and bring our legendary commitment to quality, performance and durability to the Eleiko Curl Bar. Comfortable grip and hand positioning along with quality components that deliver optimal rotation ensure a safe and comfortable user experience. The angled shape of the bar supports a variety of hand positions for triceps and bicep training. The mildly grooved sleeve prevents weights from slipping.

  • Specs

    Weight 12kg
    Length 51.81in
    Diameter 28mm
    Knurling 1.2 Balanced
    Finish Chrome
    Sleeve 230mm
    Bearings Needle
    Max 500kg
    Warranty 12yrs
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