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IPF Powerlifting Competition Bar 20 kg

IPF Powerlifting Competition Bar 20 kg

SKU: 3061173

Certified for competition by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and designed for professional and competitive powerlifting athletes, the Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Competition Bar is specifically suited for the three powerlifting competition lifts - the squat, bench press and deadlift. The bar features robust bronze bushings and with a special graphite addition that allows the bar to self-lubricate enhancing performance and longevity while controlling rotation. Our proprietary Swedish steel is engineered to withstand loads up to 1500 kg, the 29 mm diameter is stiff and strong with deep, sharp and uncoated knurling ensuring a strong grip for heavy lifts.

  • Specs

    Weight 20kg
    Length 86.61in
    Diameter 29
    Knurling 1.5 Agg
    Finish Raw
    Sleeve 433mm
    Bearings Bushings
    Max 1500kg
    Warranty Lifetime
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