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Performance Weightlifting Bar 20 kg

Performance Weightlifting Bar 20 kg

SKU: 3070100

The Performance Weightlifting Bar is made in Sweden and delivers the performance and quality you can rely on. Designed for explosive Olympic lifting, the steel is strong yet flexible and a great bar for anyone serious about high performance in sports and strength and conditioning. Precision needle bearings, an inner race and dustproof seal ensure weight moves smoothly under load and at high speeds, while the refined knurling provides a grip suited for high-performance training.

  • Specs

    Weight 20KG
    Length 86.61IN
    Diameter 28MM
    Knurling 1.0 Mild
    Finish Chrome
    Sleeve 415mm
    Bearings Needle
    Max 1500kg
    Warranty 12yrs



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