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Animal Thick Grip Bar

Animal Thick Grip Bar


This is THE bar everyone serious about building size and power in the shortest amount of time HAS to have.


The Animal Thick Grip Bar is a 7′ long bar comes in a choice of 2”, 2.5” and 3” thicknesses.


The zinc bar-ends are CNC-machined to exactly 50 mm and run on twin bearing giving an incredibly smooth action even with massive loads on the bar.


These super smooth revolving ends are designed to totally eliminate all the stresses on the wrists and elbows during rotational exercises such as curls and snatches, etc.


Heavy diamond knurling ensures the ultimate grip and is 2 x 350 mm long with 200 mm knurl in the centre.


Your bar is one the most important pieces of training equipment you can own and the Animal Thick Grip Bar is an investment you will be very happy you made.

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