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Weightlifting Technique Bar 10 kg

Weightlifting Technique Bar 10 kg

SKU: 3061176

Big lifts come from strong foundations, and solid foundations are built on great technique. Built to IWF specifications, the Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting Technique Bar has a low starting weight and less aggressive knurling making it an ideal way to learn, practice and perfect technique. It replicates the feeling of a standard Eleiko bar and enables a smooth transition and appropriate progression to heavier standard weightlifting bar. This bar is a great option for children or adults learning to lift, as well as those looking to drill technique. Working on technique helps ensure lifting form is impeccable so lifters can safely and effectively progress, increase lifts and set new personal bests.

  • Specs

    Weight 10kg
    Length 86.61in
    Diameter 25mm
    Knurling 1.0 Mild
    Finish Chrome
    Sleeve 415mm
    Bearings Bushings
    Max 40kg
    Warranty 2yrs
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